The community of St. George is comprised of members that make an annual commitment through Stewardship. This is the free offering of Time, Talent and Treasure. The community is funded through the generosity of its members, but is made whole by their continuing contribution of their time and talents. Each member is called to offer themselves for the benefit of the community.

Make your pledge to be a steward of our community. To become a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church, please contact Fr. Neofitos through the parish office at (518) 393-0742 or

Please click here for the 2023 Presentation.

Please click here for the 2023 Stewardship Pledge Form. 

Why is making a pledge so important?

St. George is our home, our place to pray and to give glory to God. We are funded entirely by our members and their efforts. Through membership, you also gain access to the various programs and organizations that the church is home to.