The Campaign for St. George

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We are excited to announce the beginning of The Campaign for St. George, with a critical goal of raising $50,000 to help cover the monthly expenses of running and maintaining our beloved St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Schenectady.

We ask that you consider making your donation today. With an average donation of $500 per household, we will be able to achieve our goal. We understand this is not a small request. This is not a stewardship drive either, but rather a fundraising campaign to subsidize as much of the lost 2020 Greek Festival income as possible.

To make a credit card donation, please click on the donation link above. To make a donation by check, please make it payable to “St. George Greek Orthodox Church” and put a note on it saying it is for the Campaign for St. George. Mail it to:

St. George Greek Orthodox Church
107 Clinton Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

St. George will continue to be a beacon of strength and spiritual love to guide us in the days ahead, but St. George needs us now.  Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you and God bless you.


Broadway Lunch LLC
Cloud and Things
Contompasis Family (Constance, Catherine, Emanuel, Mary Ellen, Marika)
Fred Winkler & Co., CPA
Robert & George Alatzas
Scott and Lucy Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Sotirios Bratsos
Andreas Christou
Lainie and Evan Christou
Catherine Contompasis
Charles Contompasis
Demetria Corsones
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Cospito
George and Dena Cotzas
Rena Counavelis
Marianne Crary
Fr. & Presbytera Peter Daratsos
Olga Delorey
Jerry Dermetzis
Joanne Diamantis
Maria Dostis
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Engwer
Michael and Elaine Euripidou
Helena Georgelas
Eliana Georgelos
Elisa Georgelos Rose
Steve & Alice Giakoumis
Brian and Lucy Goodale
Thomas and Shannon Jones
Catherine Julius
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kalil
Fanny Karamanos
Mr. & Mrs. John Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Haralampos Koutsopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. David Lambert
Trifon and Zanetta Laskaris
Bill Manikas
Akrivi and Dimitryos Markopoulos
Gus Marmarinos
Mr. & Mrs. Philip McGowen
Fillipos and Erene Menagias
Roubina Morgan
Anna and Scott Morlock
Evangelos and Dina Nikolaidis
Katherine Orfan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pagiotas
Vito and Athena Pagnotti
Nick and Gladys Paravalos
Dr. & Mrs. James Philip
Steve and Elaina Rayburn
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rossetti
Mr. & Mrs. Van Stathis
Olga Stryjski
Themetria Svolov
Mr. & Mrs. Dimitrios Vlahakis

$5,000 Challenge

Angelo Menagias (Blue Ribbon)
Jerry Menagias (Blue Ribbon)
LeGrande Serras

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Updated as of February 23, 2021