Booking Policy

New Hellenic Center Booking Procedures

It is with great joy we announce that our programs are growing strong, and we are using our facilities more and more. Creating a system of booking events is necessary and we ask for your attention.

1. If a group/ministry wishes to book the Hellenic Center for an event, the office must be contacted as well and the priest via e-mail and or phone call. Please copy both Father and Camille on your e-mail request: and or call (518) 393-0742

2. One may check the NEW Google Facilities Calendar when considering a date for booking. Please add this calendar to your Google calendars.

Unapproved events present unnecessary conflicts and might even put our youth in danger. It is easy to avoid conflict by clearly communicating with the office and receiving office approval. If we are presented with an unsolvable conflict, the violating group will be asked to leave.

3. Once approval is granted, your event will be added to our Google Calendar and can be viewed here:

As our community continues to grow and open its doors, more and more organization of facility events will be required. We thank you in anticipation for your continued cooperation AND collaboration and we look forward to our growth and success.

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