Memorials & Coffee Hour


Please call the church office at (518) 393-0742 to schedule a memorial service.  After reserving the date with the Parish Priest, please contact Lucy Brady, Coffee Hour Chairperson, if you wish to sponsor a coffee hour.

The St. George Ladies Philoptochos oversees the coffee hours after church. For those who wish to sponsor a coffee hour, the following expenses should be expected.

Food: The food provided for a memorial is a combination of baked good items, cookies, etc.  A quart of milk for the coffee and half-gallon of orange juice for the children is included.  These items can be purchased by your family and brought to the Hellenic Center or Philoptochos will purchase the food for you and present you with receipts for reimbursement.  Specialty foods or additional items beyond the basics must be provided by the family if you wish to have them served.

Coffee/Tea/Paper: A flat fee for coffee, tea, and paper goods is charged.  If there are multiple memorial coffee hours the cost is to be shared equally by the sponsors.

                                                $35.00 (one sponsor)

                                                $25.00 (per family if two sponsors)

                                                $25.00 (per family if three sponsors)

Services: The Ladies of the Philoptochos Society will do grocery shopping for basic items, set up, serving and clean up for the coffee hours.  In addition, a sign is prepared with the name of the sponsorship family and the person in whose memory the coffee hour is being held.

The Ladies Philoptochos Society is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to provide aid to the poor, the homeless, the sick and the disadvantaged.  Your generosity in making a donation to the St. George Ladies Philoptochos Society in memory of your loved one would be greatly appreciated.  For tax purposes, a letter acknowledging your donation will be provided.

Koliva - Memorial for the Departed 

Koliva is offered in memory of our loved ones as a prayer for the repose and salvation of their souls on the following days:

  • 40 Day Memorial
  • 1 Year Memorial
  • Annual Memorial
  • Soul Saturdays - for all our family members and friends who have departed.

The Church has established 3 Soul Saturdays at the beginning of the Triodion and 1 on the Saturday before Pentecost. We can make Koliva for you if you place an order with the office. A large tray is $100.